Due to unforeseen circumstances, the character of ‘Meikie Maputla’ played by Harriet Manamela will be replaced until the end of season 12. The decision came about after Harriet Manamela needed to be placed on sick leave for an extended period of time. Manamela’s last scene for the season will air on the 5th of April 2024.

From the 15th of May 2024 the character of ‘Meikie Maputla’ will be played by Florence Masebe.


2023 ended with Kwaito and Lizzy jumping the broom, the Seakamelas finally having moved to their double storey house, Mapitsi getting an opportunity of a lifetime at Berry Fm and Ivy and Obed Kgomo being on the brink of a possible reconciliation.

This year brings dirty secrets bubbling to the surface, budding new relationships, a fallen star, and a high-speed car chase. With new stories, sometimes comes new faces.

Tsietsi and Pule turn up the charm at Bazaruto and Pretty and Eunice are impressed, leaving Lehasa and Leeto green with envy. Could these 2 gentlemen just be their knights in shining armour?  

Tsietsi will be played by Pholoso Mohlala and will be airing from the 26th of January 2024. The character of Pule will be played by Themba Manganyi, to start airing on the 31st of January 2024.

Brendan Maphake will be playing the character of Amukelani from 2nd of February 2024. Amu is the new addition to the Turf High learners and causes a stir when he leaves the girls smitten and all the boys feeling intimidated. He soon becomes the bane of Paxton’s existence, when a certain young lady is drawn to Amu like a moth to a flame.        

Nkosi owns a well-established security company and is the perfect definition of ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ when he quickly comes to Lehasa’s rescue in his time of need. The character of Nkosi will be played by Nyaniso Dzedze. Look out for him from the 12th of February 2024.     

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Johannesburg, 17 January 2024SABC1 officially announces that the popular daily drama Skeem Saam will move to the new timeslot of 19:30, starting 4 March 2024.  

The decision to move Skeem Saam to 19:30 is in line with SABC Video Entertainment’s strategy to amplify its primetime local drama offering to its viewers from 19:30 to 21:30 with SABC1s Skeem Saam, Generations- The Legacy, Uzalo and SABC2s Muvhango. The SABC will host two hours of back-to-back drama on the SABC Video Entertainment platform, intentionally targeting a broader audience and ensuring the platform remains competitive. 

Skeem Saam, started in 2011 and created by Winnie Serite, has been broadcast on SABC1 at 18:30. The show, set in Johannesburg and Turfloop, revolves around the ups and downs of teenagers trying to find their way through life’s struggles. 

Over the years, viewers have seen the character of Mapitsi grow from being a teenage mother to getting married to the father of her child and recently launching a career as a radio presenter. Kwaito and Lizzy grew from being high school enemies to walking down the aisle, Leeto purchasing Bazaruto and losing a licence to practice law after his murder conviction and MaNtuli moving into her dream double-story house.  

With the new timeslot comes intriguing storylines full of suspense and intense drama. A Human Trafficking drama unfolds in Turfloop, someone goes down for murder, a soccer star blows up his millions, and there is a new hot couple in town.   

“For years, the SABC1 audience has made a plea, requesting to change the Skeem Saam timeslot, stating that the show timeslot is too early for some as the show broadcasts during the travelling time for a lot of the viewers. For SABC1, we see this as an opportunity to make the channel edgier and braver and adapt to the audience’s needs. The world of television is an exciting platform where we should not be afraid to adapt while upholding our responsibility to shape the youth and societal roles.” – SABC1 Channel Head: Ofentse Thinane. 

“A timeslot change in our 12th season will definitely be a big change for us and it is something we will have to adjust to. However, we are positive that the change will give us an opportunity to expand and reach a larger audience. We have great stories lined up, and we can’t wait for our viewers to tune in.” – Peu Communications Solutions Publicity Manager: Sumaya Petersen Mogola.

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Generations: The Legacy, one of South Africa’s most beloved and long-running television series, is proud to celebrate the remarkable contribution of talented actors Buntu Petse, Karabo Maseko, Zizipho Buti and Rebaone Kgosimore. Through their stellar performance, these actors have contributed to the rich history of the show and as such, their departure marks a bittersweet moment.

These actors have consistently portrayed their talent, dedication and versatility – captivating viewers and earning them a special place in the hearts of fans. We will miss them and wish them all the best in their future endeavors. The characters of Nontle, Luyolo, Tracy and Paul can still be seen on our screen until the end of November when a dramatic story-arc reaches a mind-blowing conclusion.  

Generations: The Legacy continues to be a leading force in South African television, captivating audiences with compelling storytelling and exceptional performances. The show’s producers and cast members look forward to continued success and are dedicated to delivering top-quality entertainment to their viewers. There is much to look forward to so keep your eyes peeled for more exciting changes ahead!

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Johannesburg, 3 October 2023 – SABC1 is pleased to add a six-part documentary series, Inkabi Zezwe: The Making of Ukhamba, to the schedule starting Monday, 6 November 2023 at 9 pm.

Inkabi Zezwe: The Making of Ukhamba invites the viewers on a profound cinematic journey, delving into the captivating story of two South African musical giants, Sjava and Big Zulu. This documentary is a heartfelt tribute to their remarkable collaboration, unveiling the intricacies of its creation, the inspiration that fuels their music, and the cultural tapestry that underpins their shared identity.

The documentary offers an intimate glimpse into the immersive recording process for the Inkabi Zezwe full-length album, Ukhamba. What sets this creative endeavour apart is its backdrop—Bergville, the birthplace and home of both artists. This proximity to home ensures that their music carries the pure essence of the green hills that raised them and the people who nurtured their artistic spirits.

The making of the Ukhamba documentary is a compelling narrative, expertly shot by the team at Lacuna Creative, that explores the unity of two musical giants and the cultural richness that informs their work. It is a testament to the power of collaboration, the resonance of their music, and the beauty of shared experiences. This documentary is an invitation to embark on a journey that is as evocative as it is unforgettable.

As Sjava’s soulful Afro-Soul and African Trap melodies entwined with Big Zulu’s vibrant Hip-Hop narratives, it became apparent that this union was a harmonious blend of genres and life experiences. Their music is deeply rooted in love, hope, and family and underpinned by a shared IsiZulu culture, forming a unique narrative that is both evocative and intricate.

About Ukhamba

The first single from Ukhamba, titled “Umbayimbayi,” heralded the beginning of an exciting musical voyage for Inkabi Zezwe. Within a week of its release, it achieved gold status, and the accompanying music video garnered significant attention, accumulating millions of views on YouTube.

As Ukhamba, the album, was unveiled to the world, it achieved resounding success, amassing millions of streams and reaching the top of various music charts. From Gold and Platinum statuses to dominating streaming platforms and playlists, this musical journey captures the essence of contemporary South Africa.

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Johannesburg, 26 October 2023 – SABC1 and Peu Communications welcome actress Xolile Tshabalala to the cast of Skeem Saam as she is set to play the role of a Prosecutor in Leeto Maputla’s case. Leeto is on trial for the murder of notorious loan shark Dragon, whom he shot when he held the Patrons of Bazaruto hostage.  

Leeto tries to rally credible witnesses as his trial approaches and his freedom hangs in the balance. He stands a chance of making it out of the trial unscathed thanks to his legal eagle Advocate Moss. However, the State also possesses superior representation in the form of their Prosecutor who is determined to put Leeto behind bars for the murder of Dragon.

Xolile will make her debut on Monday 30th October 2023, and will be on-air throughout the trial.  

Viewers can expect nail biting drama as Leeto fights for his freedom.

Xolile was born in Vrede, Free State. She graduated from the National School of the Arts with honours and as well as the award for Best Overall Performer. She has starred in many television productions such as Soul City, Generations and Good Men.

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