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As the Napoleonic Wars in Europe were coming to a close in the early 19th century and the British were ascertaining their power in Africa, a young king was also ascertaining his strength in Natal.

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His path and that of the British were bound to cross as Britain wanted his territory and he was consolidating his people into one mighty nation. The young king was Shaka, who was to make his name into the history books and was also to be known as "the black Napoleon" by some historians. He consolidated the fragmented Natal tribes into one strong nation called AmaZulu.

Writer Joshua Sinclair, producer Ed Harper and the late director William C Faurie chronicled the rise of King Shaka in an epic titled SHAKA ZULU.

Series cast includes: Henry Cele (King Shaka), Dudu Mkhize (Nandi), Edward Fox (Lt. Francis Farewell), Robert Powell (Dr. Henry Fynn), Trevor Howard (Lord Charles Somerset), Christopher Lee (Lord Bathurst), Erica Rogers (), Vuyisile Bojana (), Tu Nokwe (), Patrick Ndlovu (), Roland Mgwebu (), Simon Sabela (), Bingo Bentley Mbonjeni () and Gordon Jackson (Prof. Bramston).

The voice of the late singer Margaret Singana is also to be heard ringing throughout the epic.



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