Celebrating Consumer Rights Day

Date: Jun 17, 2019

Consumer rights day is presupposed on the rights enshrined in the constitution to protect the consumer from unfair business practices by the seller, this day is celebrated annually on the 15th of March...

The day is celebrated as a means of raising global awareness about consumer rights and needs. Celebrating this day gives a chance to demand that the rights of all consumers be respected and protected, and to protest against market abuses and social injustices which undermine those rights.

World Consumer Rights Day was inspired by President John F Kennedy who sent a special message to the US Congress on 15th March 1962,where in which he formally addressed the issue of consumer rights. He was the first world leader to do so, in time though the south African Government caught along with many others around the world. The South African Consumer Protection Act No 68 of 2008 was signed on 24 April 2009 and its purpose is to protect the consumer against negligent and unsavoury business practice.

Within the context of media, the consumer is also protected by a parallel complaints commission which is the broadcasting complaints commission of south Africa or BCCSA in short, The aims and objectives of the BCCSA are to ensure the adherence to high standards in broadcasting and to achieve a speedy and cost effective settlement of complaints against members of the commission in accordance with clause 14 of the Constitution.

The consumer protection act protects consumers and gives them the rights to choose and examine goods even after purchase and delivery and also ensures that Consumers may reject goods if they do not correspond with the examined samples. Consumers can refuse items that were on display and request unopened new goods, the consumer has the Right to quality service and when entering into agreements or contracts, the consumers are entitled to the following:
• Goods that are free of any defects and that are of acceptable quality.
• The Right to implied warranty of quality.

And this essentially means that if the consumer buys goods or products that are of inferior quality, unsafe or defective, the consumer is permitted to return the goods to the supplier without any penalty and at the supplier’s risk and expense within a period of (6) six months after receipt. The Consumer’s Rights are broad and it would serve each and every consumer to familiarise themselves with the Consumer Complaints Commission of South Africa.


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