Date: Jan 17, 2020

Season 7 of the highly popular reality television show, Nyan Nyan, is currently screening every Tuesday evening at 18h00...

..with the nationally-esteemed presenter Luyanda Potwana promising to deliver even more top-quality advice and guidance on how to build and maintain strong and healthy relationships.

“I’m very excited about the new season of Nyan’Nyan, season 7.  The show has been on a break for a while and finally we are back on air to assist troubled couples to mend their broken relationships,” Luyanda comments. “I’ve grown with the show and you can trust us to deal with your issues in a more dignified manner ensuring that your relationship will flourish growing to new heights,” he adds.

Season 7 of Nyan’Nyan promises to be bigger and better by addressing national key social issues that affect couples in the country and everyday issues that couples are facing. From previous seasons of the show it is clear that many relationships are affected by issues of abuse, finances, secrets and lies. These issues affect the growth and stability of relationships which in turn affects children and families.

In this season, the show will also be engaging a friend or a family member who knows the couples and their relationship to provide viewers with a deeper insight into the couple’s issues for better intervention and support.

The show will be traveling to various provinces and towns to engage couples on their secrets and frustrations which are eating away at their love lives. The confession takes place in a secure environment of the Nyan’Nyan caravan; providing a healthy environment for couples to confess and engage.

The objective of the show is to teach and equip couples and viewers that confessing a secret to your partner shouldn’t harm or destroy your relationship but rather strengthen and build a stronger relationship or bond that is rooted with trust.

We encourage couples to take care of the truth before it takes care of them.

Confess your secret and remember the truth shall set you free!

Luyanda Potwana the presenter of the show is knowledgeable and experienced in handling confessions and providing sound general advice to the couple and the viewers. The show also allows couples further intervention by providing “how to tools” from the expert session to better deal with challenges they are facing in their relationships.

Catch Nyan’Nyan every Tuesday at 18h00 - exclusive to SABC 1.


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